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What photographers do you most admire? What inspires you about their work?

“It's a cliche answer but right now - hands down, Petra Collins. I'm infatuated with her video work as well. I have her book 'Coming Of Age' on my desk and I sometimes find myself mindlessly flipping through the pages. She is such a magical artist. She has a way of capturing the most ordinary people and things and transporting the viewer to a psychedelic, enchanting, color world. Her use of lens flares and colors is what makes her so unique. I also recently found out about Mr. iozo, his stuff is just straight up interesting to look at.”

When you are taking a picture, how do you create a narrative?

“I'd say 4/5 times I don't have a story or idea in mind when I go out and shoot, especially with friends. A lot of my photography is created very naturally. I'll be hanging out with friends and see an amazing patch of light and just shoot. It's very rare that sun isn't in my photos. When I AM creating a narrative, I like to start from scratch. I scroll through my saved photos on Instagram, scroll through Pinterest and create a mood board. I'll then scout locations in NYC and slowly build up an idea from there. I recently did a Coney Island shoot and I just had some keywords going into it [Retro, Warm, Cotton Candy, Boardwalk].”

What is your relationship to the editing process?

“I LOVE editing. Editing and post is my favorite part about photography. One of my best friends and I have this on going joke, 'Oh I'll just fix it in post.' I think it is incredible how you can take a photo and make it look like the weather was warm, or taken on film or even taken in the dark. Changing colors, adding textures and experimenting is so much fun for me. I use Lightroom and Photoshop together and can spend hours on just one photo.”

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