richard pierce

Over the past few decades, new technologies have had a huge impact on the medium of photography and greatly changed both artistic practice and the overall business model. Can you speak to both the positives and negatives of these technologies, and if there are specific parts of the practice that you feel were lost and deserve a second look?

"The positive aspects of new technologies have enabled a larger number of people to access the world of photography.  Professionals and novices alike can expand their abilities using these ongoing improvements in the field of photography. On the flip side, the traditional 'craft' of photography using classic techniques like film are being lost."

How do you use lens type and the camera settings to influence the narrative you are creating in your photos?

“The choice of lens can help determine the visual impact of the final photo.  A wide angle lens provides a more “heroic” photo while the telephoto lens creates a narrative for landscape and horizontal images."

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